drug rehab facilities in Indiana

drug rehab facilities in Indiana

Selecting one of the top-rated drug rehab facilities in Indiana will considerably increase your chances of attaining lasting recovery. The fact is, some rehabs have higher success rates than others at aiding clients in reaching their sobriety goals. As such, it’s vital that you carefully research your options before enrolling in an addiction treatment facility.

At Hickory Recovery Network, we have best-in-class amenities and a variety of addiction treatment programs essential in your recovery journey. Additionally, our comfortable and quiet environment provides not only a sense of home but also community. Everything we do is aimed at our clients' s success in the battle against addiction.

Our Facilities, Amenities, Technology, and Location

At Hickory Recovery Network, we know how critical it is to keep our clients engaged at all times. It’s important that you learn, grow, enjoy, and explore the endless possibilities of a new, drug or alcohol-free life. This will motivate you to pursue and maintain sobriety. To this end, we offer different amenities, activities, and services to encourage you to be active, lead a healthy life, and interact with peers. Here’s what you can expect to find at our facility:

  • Amenities

What sets us apart from other rehabs is our excellent amenities. We’re a one-of-a-kind treatment facility located outside Indiana, Indianapolis, with easy access to several main freeways. As one of the best addiction rehab centers in Indiana, we have calm, secure surroundings and landscaped grounds perfect for relaxation. Our amenities will make your stay and the treatment process more comfortable.

  • Gym and Yoga Studio

Regular exercises are key in your recovery. When you’re addicted, you tend to neglect your health, particularly exercise. Going to the gym and yoga studio in our drug and alcohol inpatient rehab in Indianapolis will address some of the damage caused by your addiction.

  • Cafeteria

Many people with a substance use disorder also suffer from malnutrition. As one of the top rehab centers in Indiana, our dedicated kitchen staff prepares healthy, satisfying meals every day to increase your energy levels. Eating nutritious foods aids in stabilizing your mood and boosting your focus in achieving your recovery goals. Also, proper nutrition ensures your body is strong and your mind remains focused, all critical in your sobriety journey.

  • Computer Area

We want guests in our Indiana inpatient drug rehab to still have access to the internet even when they're receiving treatment. That’s why we have computers with internet you can use during your free time.

  • Recreational Spaces

Our structured inpatient residential center is equipped with various amenities to make you feel right at home while receiving addiction treatment in Indiana. For this, we have tastefully furnished rooms equipped with a shower and bathroom for added convenience and comfort. Further, our residence is spacious with ample space for recreation, and we also have a flat-screen television for your entertainment.

Start Addiction Treatment in A Comfortable, Serene Setting

Recovering from a substance use disorder is a lot easier when you choose one of the top-rated rehab drug rehab facilities in Indiana. At Hickory Recovery Network, we offer a peaceful, safe location ideal for fighting alcohol and drug addiction. Our facility combines world-class facilities and a reclusive space to ensure your optimal comfort throughout the treatment process. Verify your insurance: https://www.hickorytreatmentcenters.com/verify-your-insurance/. Admissions: https://www.hickorytreatmentcenters.com/admissions/get-started/.

drug rehab facilities in Indiana
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drug rehab facilities in Indiana
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