Rehab Austin

Rehab Austin

Millions of people suffer from substance abuse disorders in the United States. The effects cause a ripple effect in society, including the family and the direct community. The only unfortunate situation is that the affected victim rarely notice or acknowledge their condition. Sometimes, the disillusionment is so bad they fall into legal situations that mandate attending rehab.

Studies show that at least 80% of all inmates qualify for clinical alcohol and drug rehab. In addition, 60% of everyone who gets arrested has some addiction and requires a degree of rehab to recalibrate their mental and emotional states.

What is court rehab in Austin?

A court-ordered rehab is a form of sentencing that compels individuals to receive rehabilitation services. Rehab in Austin is the alternative to incarceration and aims to reduce the offender’s future criminal acts.

How does the rehab work?

The first step of qualifying for court-ordered rehab is passing the initial screening process. After that, family members and loved ones can request a screening to allow for a better verdict. Addiction specialists and police offer also participate in the investigation to give the court more viable evidence. Quantum Recovery processes all the legal requirements and handles all the paperwork to earn you admission into the facility.

Types of treatment in the court-ordered rehab

The type of treatment you receive is greatly dependent on the addiction type. Many jurisdictions allow the rehab to choose the specific treatment after a comprehensive assessment and report of the offenses.  We assign the treatment to match the intensity of the addiction and begin implementing recovery procedures as soon as we complete all necessary paperwork. The most common treatments include:

Educational programs

Education programs are the most common consequences because they are effective at changing the patient’s mindset. Therefore, this intervention is best for early stages and candidates who can understand the aim of subjecting their minds to educative programs.

Group counseling

Group therapy is a standard mandated treatment, which involves relapse prevention skills and the famous 12-step recovery program. Our rehab in Austin will group patients with similar strengths and weaknesses to ensure you heal at a natural pace. However, it is more common for us to treat high-intensity professionals who need a slightly different kind of rehab. The energized treatments allow individuals to receive psychiatric treatments that speak to their deepest concerns while reconnecting with their innate willpower.

Residential programs

Laura’s House offers a high-intensity treatment within a relaxed atmosphere. The program removes the individual from their average community and places them in a sober living home. The home houses a maximum of 12 women at any particular time and offers several different services to allow easy and fast treatment. The sober living home is practical for anyone who feels like they lack a support system and need the continuous backbone of expert staff and similar-minded residents.

Our recovery facility will process your court-ordered treatment and take you in when you pass all requirements. It is a good idea to narrow down your decision by calling (512)-829-6092 today for more information.

Rehab Austin
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