Rehab Facilities In Indiana

Rehab Facilities In Indiana

Welcome to Hickory Recovery Network. Our addiction treatment clinic features affordable, quality facilities and services. Our Indianapolis, IN location is equipped to handle all your addiction treatment needs.

Our addiction rehab facilities in Indiana provide a safe, comfortable, and supportive environment for those seeking to overcome their addiction. How? Our team of experts creates an individualized treatment plan for each person based on their unique needs. This allows us to provide the best possible recovery and care for our patients and ensure that they have the best chance at success.

We understand that all addiction is a disease, and we treat it as such. Our goal is to help our patients overcome their addiction and lead healthy, productive lives. We offer a variety of services at our facility, including:

-Individual counseling

-Group therapy

-Family counseling

-Medication-assisted treatment


-Aftercare planning

Our team of experienced and qualified professionals will help you every step of the way. How?

By providing affordable, world-class addiction treatment. We know what it takes to overcome addiction, and we will do everything in our power to help you succeed. Contact us today at Hickory Recovery Network to get started on your road to recovery!

We offer a range of treatments, including detox, counseling, and aftercare support. Let's elaborate:

-Detox: The first step in overcoming addiction is to detoxify the body from drugs and alcohol. This can be a difficult and uncomfortable process, but our experienced staff will be at your side day and night to support you during rehab.

-Counseling: Addiction counseling is an important part of treatment as it helps patients understand the root causes of their addiction. Our counselors will work with you to develop a personalized recovery and treatment plan that addresses your specific needs.

-Aftercare: After completing treatment, it is important to have a solid plan in place to prevent relapse. Our aftercare team will provide ongoing support and counseling throughout your stay at Hickory Recovery Network.

Our rehab facilities in Indiana are located in beautiful and peaceful surroundings, which provide the perfect setting for healing and recovery. We offer a variety of amenities and comforts to make your stay with us more enjoyable.

-Private rooms

-Gourmet meals

-Fitness center

-Yoga studio

-Outdoor pool

-and more!

We understand that addiction can be a difficult condition to overcome, but we are here to help you every step of the way. Some examples of the way we help our patients and their families include the following:

-We offer a variety of addiction treatment services in IN that are designed by our specialists to meet the unique recovery needs of each patient.

-We create a personalized treatment plan for each patient based on individual needs and goals.

-We offer family counseling to help families understand and support their loved ones during treatment.

-We provide aftercare planning to help patients avoid relapse after treatment.

Contact Hickory Recovery Network to Learn More About Our Rehab Facilities in Indiana

If you or a loved one in Indiana is struggling with addiction, we encourage you to reach out to us. We offer a variety of addiction treatment services at our facility, and we would be happy to discuss your options with you. Contact us today at HRN to learn more about our rehab facilities in Indiana!

Rehab Facilities In Indiana
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Rehab Facilities In Indiana
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