Dangers of Mixing Trazodone and Alcohol

Mixing Trazodone and Alcohol

If you’re taking Trazadone for depression, you should know that drinking while taking Trazadone can actually make the conditions you’re taking it for worse. Trazadone is commonly used to treat depression but may also be prescribed for conditions like insomnia. If you drink on a regular basis, you need to know the risks. Overdoses of both Trazadone and alcohol can be fatal. If you’re struggling with addiction to alcohol, Trazadone, or both, there is hope. A polysubstance abuse treatment program, like those offered by Hickory Treatment Centers, can help.

What is Trazodone?

Trazadone is a serotonin receptor antagonist and reuptake inhibitor (SARI), a prescription antidepressant, although it can be prescribed for anything from Alzheimer’s Disease to bulimia to fibromyalgia.

Can I Mix Trazadone and Alcohol?

Be cautious when drinking while you’re taking SARI medications. Talk to your doctor honestly about our alcohol use if they plan to prescribe Trazadone. This medication amplifies the effects of alcohol, resulting in:

  • Higher level of intoxication, faster
  • Dizziness or fainting
  • Confusion and difficulty concentrating
  • Impaired judgment
  • Dramatic mood changes

Mixing these two also exacerbates the symptoms of depression and anxiety, making you feel worse instead of better like the SARI is intended to do.

Alcohol’s Effect on Your Medical Condition

Alcohol can disrupt the positive effect that Trazadone is supposed to have on your sleep hygiene or depression. If you take Trazadone for insomnia, it can make it worse, reducing your sleep duration and quality. It also interferes with the REM cycle of sleep, which is necessary for brain healing and regeneration.

Drinking if you’re taking alcohol for depression can actually make your moods worse. Alcohol is a depressant, not a stimulant. Many people may self-medicate with alcohol to try to relieve depressive symptoms. Unfortunately, it has the opposite effect, and long-term drinking changes the brain chemistry, increasing the drinker’s risk for developing depression.

Is Mixing Alcohol and Trazadone Deadly?

There is little information about fatal combinations of alcohol and Trazadone. However, each substance individually is dangerous when one consumes too much. High doses of Trazadone depress the central nervous system, which can cause problems with your heart rhythms and serotonin syndrome, which can be fatal. Alcohol in high amounts can cause alcohol poisoning, including central nervous system depression, problems breathing, and death. Looking at these facts can make it fairly clear that mixing these two substances may be very risky. Furthermore, because alcohol amplifies the symptoms of depression for Trazadone users, drinking while taking this medication may put users in a place where they could consider self-harm or put themselves in situations where they could get hurt. A

Do You Need Help With Polysubstance Abuse?

If you take Trazadone and are worried about your drinking, or if you’re concerned that you may have an addiction to both alcohol and Trazadone, we can help. Hickory Treatment Centers treats drug and alcohol addiction using evidence-based methods from professionally trained addiction counselors. We offer support and aftercare and have several levels of programs to address addiction to multiple substances. Or, if you wish to take Trazadone for depression but need help with your alcohol addiction, we can offer treatment for that, as well. Contact us today for a confidential, compassionate assessment of your needs, and start your sober journey today.

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If you have tried to stop using alcohol or drugs on your own, you may feel that sobriety and clean living seem far away. However, with the help of caring staff members and a safe, structured environment, you can receive the guidance you need to fight cravings and regain control of your life.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment with our admission staff or learn more about our healing programs.