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How to Make a Referral

Whenever you’re ready to make a referral for a patient or to check in our center yourself, please follow the steps below:

Call Us or Walk-In

Call our referral line at 1-800-604-2117 to get started. Our team will discuss your options and determine whether we can help you or the person you are referring.

Verifying Your Insurance

Our team members will then review the information you provided and verify the patient’s insurance details. We’ll get in touch if we need to clarify the information you’ve provided or if we require any further documentation. We work with most insurance providers.

Internal Review Process

Once we’ve processed all the information, we’ll initiate an internal review process. Once that’s completed, the patient will be all set for admission. You can then arrange transportation services with our intake department if needed.

Send Us Patient Information

The next step is to send us the patient’s personal information. You can either send us a fax at 317-406-7445 or email us at You need to include:

  • Fact sheet/ demographics/ advance directives
  • The patient’s insurance information
  • Any medications they’re currently taking
  • A description of their mental condition & history, including their most recent lab test
  • Outline of their present problems in nursing notes
  • Their most recent physician /psychiatrist notes
    Healthcare POA organization guardianship documents
  • Their most recent therapy notes

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