Alcohol and Aging

Alcohol and Aging

Most people are well-aware that alcohol has something to do with premature aging — but many aren’t sure what the exact effects are. Because of this, many frequent drinkers tend to underestimate the severity of the issues alcohol can cause. Here we’ve summarized some of the most significant issues drinking can cause, both in terms of looks and overall health.

Does Alcohol Age You Faster?

Alcohol has been shown to affect your body, both in terms of health and appearance. Changes in your skin are most often one of the first signs that you’re consuming too much alcohol. At first, drinking makes you dehydrated which shows up on your skin almost immediately. Your complexion may start to appear dull and grayish. New wrinkles may appear or existing ones may start to look deeper. On top of that, facial redness is another tell-tale sign that you’re drinking too much. Some people also notice a bunch of broken capillaries and small red bumps. All of these skin problems can detract from a youthful appearance and you may feel like you always look tired. Fortunately, although these issues can make it seem like you’re aging faster, they’re typically reversible if you quit your drinking habit in time.

Alcohol and the Mind

When we think of signs of aging, we tend to think about our looks first. However, the most serious problems of aging are often those that affect our brains. It’s well-established that aging is often accompanied by cognitive decline. Sadly, alcohol can be a serious factor in that. People who consume large amounts of alcohol often have issues with executive functioning. This means that their organizational skills, time management, concentration, and ability to complete tasks are all negatively impacted. To make matters worse, long-term drinking can cause certain areas of the brain to atrophy — specifically the ones responsible for short-term and long-term memory. Many people have developed serious issues related to drinking, to the extent that they find themselves unable to lead an independent life. Because of that, alcohol’s effect on the brain has to be taken seriously as early as possible.

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