How Alcoholic Homes Affect Kids

How Alcoholic Homes Affect Kids

Having an alcoholic parent can and often does leave a deep mark on a child’s psyche. The home environment in an addict’s home tends to be chaotic and unpredictable which can cause their children to develop some dysfunctional habits and beliefs. On top of that, drinking while pregnant can cause physical harm to the baby. Whether you’re suffering from addiction and looking to understand the effect alcohol can have on your kid or you’re the child of an alcoholic yourself, this article is for you.

Physical Harm

For many children, the damage of an alcoholic home begins before they’re even born. It’s well-established that when a woman is drinks while pregnant, this can adversely affect the fetus and cause life-long issues for the child. Some children develop fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASDs) which can range from mild to severe. Fetal alcohol syndrome can cause facial deformities and growth problems. Some children develop neurological, kidney, heart, or hearing problems due to being exposed to alcohol before birth. There’s no safe amount of alcohol consumption for the unborn baby so if you’re pregnant, it’s important to stop drinking as soon as possible.

The Psychological Effects

Children of alcoholic parents deal with psychological issues that often persist well into adulthood. It’s very common for alcoholic homes to have a culture of secrecy. Children learn that they aren’t allowed to talk to outsiders about what’s going in their family. As a result, they often grow up struggling to let their guard down and develop emotional bonds with others. These children often have low-self esteem and deal with feelings of worthlessness. They may feel unappreciated by their parental figures and internalize it as them not being good enough. Depression, anxiety, and PTSD are all incredibly common in children from alcoholic homes as well. Suppressed feelings of anger and/or powerlessness significantly impact children’s ability to perform well at school and socialize with peers. Most concerningly, children of alcoholics are far more likely than the average person to develop addiction problems themselves. This leads to a vicious cycle of passing on issues from one generation to another. However, breaking the cycle is entirely possible if you choose to seek help.

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