How to Be Grateful for the Little Things

How to Be Grateful for the Little Things

Many people struggle with addiction due to feelings of inadequacy. Feeling like you’re not good enough, that you’re somehow fundamentally different from other people, or that you’re incapable of building a fulfilling life for yourself are all emotions that often arise during recovery. One great way to cope with these difficult feelings is to try to stay grounded in the current moment. Here we have some tips on what to do when you feel overwhelmed and find it hard to remain present.

Make a List of Your Simple Pleasures

What brings you the most joy? You’ll likely find that you can derive a lot of pleasure out of seemingly mundane experiences. A good cup of coffee, a walk in the sun, or reading a good book can all be incredibly pleasurable. Even more importantly, they can make it easier to appreciate your life as it is right now, rather than striving for experiences that aren’t immediately accessible. Trouble is, when you’re upset or distressed, it may be difficult to think of these little things, despite this being the time when they can help you the most. So, get ready in advance and write a short list of small things that bring you joy while you’re in a good mood. Then, you can draw inspiration from this list when you’re struggling — just pick an item from the list and take 15 minutes to enjoy it. You’ll likely feel at least a little better, no matter how counterintuitive this may seem at the moment.

Get Active

Research has shown that regular exercise can be incredibly beneficial to your mental health. Not only does it release ‘happy’ chemicals that can instantly improve your mood but it also can reduce anxiety and depression in the long term. The key to achieving these benefits is to choose a physical activity that you enjoy. Don’t overextend yourself at the beginning: it’s much better to build a habit of gentle exercise than to go too hard at the beginning and give up soon thereafter. This way the prospect of exercising will bring up positive associations for you and you’ll have something to look forward to when you’re feeling down.

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