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Gardening in Addiction Recovery

Drug & Alcohol Rehab Center Serving Iowa 

Hickory Network has recently expanded and will soon provide substance use and co-occurring mental health treatment services in Grinnell.

Hickory Network is committed to offering the highest standard of substance use and co-occurring mental health treatment services to ensure a nurturing and therapeutic environment for recovery.

Address: 415 6th Avenue W Grinnell, Iowa 50112

24/7 Call Center Number:  800-639-0069

Services Offered At Our Grinnell Rehab Facilities 

    At Hickory Treatment Center in Grinnell, we’re passionate about helping individuals overcome the challenges that come with addiction. Our mission is to create a safe, compassionate, evidence-based environment where healing can flourish. Here’s how we approach recovery:

    Addiction Treatment

      • Our specialized programs address various forms of addiction, including alcohol, drugs, and other substances.
      • Addiction is multifaceted, so we focus on treating the root causes rather than just the symptoms.
      • Our medical professionals, therapists, and counselors collaborate to design personalized treatment plans.
    Returning to Work After Rehab

    Mental Health Support

      • Beyond addiction, we understand the impact of mental health disorders. Our services extend to managing acute symptoms related to depression, anxiety, trauma, and more.
      • Dual-diagnosis treatment is a priority for us as we recognize the interconnectedness of addiction and mental health.
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    Comprehensive Care

      • Evidence-Based Methods: Our treatments are grounded in research and proven effective. We tailor our methods to each individual.
      • Detoxification: We provide a safe and comfortable detox process, ensuring that clients receive the necessary support during withdrawal.
      • Inpatient Treatment Programs: Our residential facility offers a supportive community where clients can focus on recovery. Structured programs include counseling, Individual therapy, group therapy, and skill-building activities.
      • Aftercare and Relapse Prevention: Recovery doesn’t end with treatment. We provide robust aftercare plans, equipping clients with tools to maintain sobriety and prevent relapse.
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    Insurance and Accessibility
    • Insurance Accepted: We work closely with most insurance providers to ensure quality care is accessible to everyone.
    • Affordability: We believe that recovery should not be hindered by financial barriers. Our team assists clients in navigating insurance coverage and exploring financial options.

    Community Engagement

    • Local Impact: We’re committed to positively impacting the Grinnell community. We collaborate with local organizations, law enforcement, and community referral partners to raise awareness about addiction and mental health.
    • Hickory Recovery Network is a Proud Member of the Grinnell Chamber of Commerce 

    Stay Tuned!

    We’re excited to serve Grinnell and its surrounding areas. Keep an eye out for our official opening date! Whether seeking help for yourself or a loved one, Hickory Recovery Center – Grinnell guides you toward a brighter, healthier future.

    Connect with us to learn more: 

    • Director of Community Engagement & Outreach / Regional Director of Business Development Keri Lyn Powers – Email: k.powers@hickoryrecovery.com
    • 24/7 call center: Phone #:  800-639-0069